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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Rules


Giving out rules to every guest that will attend your daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party is definitely one of the most important task to do. Usually this birthday party is one of the most memorable and fun event in a teenager's life. Your daughter and as well as her friends are extremely excited about the upcoming birthday bash, that is why making sure that everyone will be safe and will be away from harm or trouble would definitely be great. Setting out rules to your guests, doesn't mean that you are depriving them of enjoying the party. You need to explain to them, that you are only doing this for their own sake and not for you. In this way, they will understand and follow whatever rules you give them. Sweet sixteen party ideas also need to include what is expected from your daughter and her guests. 

If you are planning to have your daughter's party in a place that is away from your own home. You can ask for a system, wherein it can track people who are going in and out of the venue. In this way, you will know the people who attended the birthday and the people who already left the party. You can also hire some securities to handle this thing. They can keep a log book, wherein each guests should sign with the time they arrive and the time that they left.

If you are planning to let them drink during the party, then so be it. But make sure to set some limitations to avoid having problems. You should also strictly enforce that hard liquors and illegal drugs are not allowed in the party. When they get caught of bringing those things, will immediately be sent home or will be brought to the authorities for investigation. You should set a good example by not drinking anything that is hard, allow then to drink a little wine or some cocktail juice.

These are some of the rules that you should implement when organizing your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party.