How to save time and money on great new ideas for sweet sixteen parties 




Sweet Sixteen Favors


Sweet sixteen favors are one of the best ideas, to let your daughter's guests remember this event. When planning for sweet sixteen party ideas and thinking of a party favor, you should think of your theme first, for you to match the favors with the theme. You can make it personalize to make it extra special. Try inquiring to some candy maker stores for party favors, if they can have your order personalized, by putting the name of your daughter and the date to the candies. Choose the candy that will best match the theme of your party. To be safe and to look more fun, you can choose something that is colorful and delicious. You can also add some messages on the candy itself, like thanking him or her for attending your daughter's birthday. Sweet sixteen personalized favors are always a great choice. 

If you are doing a movie themed party, you can create a popcorn bag with some thank you messages on it. If you want to be creative enough, you can also try getting each of your guest’s pictures with your daughter, to be included on the popcorn bag. You can also ask your daughter for additional messages that she wants to say to all her guests that arrived. Choose popcorn bag color that will match the movie theme party that you made for your daughter.

One option is to  make up kits as sweet sixteen favors. You can help your daughter and her friends do some makeovers with their own looks during the day. It is the best way to make them and your daughter feel like real grown-ups and be able to get into the mood for a special day of sweet 16 celebration. For a beach or pool party, or maybe one in a made-up Hawaiian setting, it's a good choice to give flip flops as favors. Buy them in key chain sizes is another option if you cannot afford the real ones. And the guests can also have them as notepads, photo albums, frames, and in any form possible. With some creativity, there are a lot of choices you can go for.

There are a lot of sweet sixteen favors and sweet sixteen decorations that you can choose from. But these two are some of the nicest and the easiest favors to prepare for your daughter’s upcoming birthday party. Your daughter’s guests will surely feel special once you give them these favors.