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Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas - Go Green I'm Turning 16!


A lot of parents are thinking of having the best and the most unique sweet sixteen birthday party for their kids. One of the most unique theme today is by having a colored theme party. A green themed birthday party would be very ideal, as this can be a very relaxing color. You can look for a place where you can freely design the venue with green stuff. You can also hold the event in a garden where there are a lot of plants and flowers to have a touch of green in the venue itself.

The first thing that you should consider when having a green themed birthday party is the decorations. Make sure that all the decorations have a touch of green. You can have centre tables that are made from green ornaments, or better yet, place an alluring bouquet of green flowers on top. The napkin plates, table clothes and such should also have a touch of green. In short everything should have a touch of green, to perfectly match your chosen themed. Sweet sixteen party ideas like "Go Green" help to make the celebration very unique.

The next one is for the menu; of course you can't turn every dishes on the table green. But you can create desserts that are green in color; for instance cookies, cakes, ice creams, salads and some fruits. You can also have some touches of green for the main dishes like, pesto sauce, broccoli, spinach, celery and such. In this way, everything in the party will have a touch of green, which will surely be loved by everyone, especially by the birthday celebrant.