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Sweet Sixteen Party ideas- Limo Scavenger Hunt Party


One of the most classic sweet sixteen party ideas is the limo scavenger hunt party. This type of game is known to have a touch of luxury because you need to have or rent a limo for your daughter’s party. There are a lot of ideas on how you can achieve this nice themed party for your daughter. One of the most fun ideas is to take pictures of the things that are needed. Of course, you can't let your daughter and her friends to play inside a limo, as this only has a small area. You can give them a list of the things that they need to find within a certain period of time, and let them take a picture of all the stuff that they need to find. Since the party is held in a limo, you can choose things like street signs, buildings, people, and such. In this way, everyone will all surely enjoy your daughter's sixteenth birthday party.

You can also let them interview specific people as a part of the limo scavenger hunt party. You can give them a list wherein they can interview people who have different professions in life. They also need to ask specific questions in order for them to win. All answered questions will be the one to win. To avoid having problems, you should talk to the people who are going to be involved in this party. You should also make sure that everyone will talk to the person that you know, and not to a stranger to avoid having problems in the future. Sweet sixteen party ideas like the Limo Scavenger Hunt are classics but still popular.

The limo scavenger hunt party will surely be loved by your daughter. She will surely become the envy of everyone for having a classic yet fun sweet sixteen birthday party.