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Sweet Sixteen Party Decorations - Ideas 

Let the birthday girl help in the selection of her sweet sixteen party decorations as well. You can use decorations that coordinate with the colors of your sweet sixteen party decorations or go with her favorite colors. Popular colors for a girl birthday party include pink, lavender, white, gold, light green yellow, sky blue, and other pastel colors. Choose a primary color or two primary colors. Pink and lavender go well together while light green and sky blue can complement one another. Try out other color combinations that can be used for your decorations. Your chosen color theme can be used for the table cloths, banners, poppers, plates, toys, and even the foods you serve.

Along with party ideas and themes the decorations are very important to the success and fun for your guests as are the food or the entertainment. If you want to create a sweet sixteen party that no one will forget you have to pay attention to your decorations.

Just like you did for the party theme you should begin by brainstorming with your daughter so that you can coordinate the decorations with the theme and invitations. Of course, there are people you can hire to help with the planning if you run into a dead end or can’t seem to come to an agreement but you can usually create great party all by yourselves, without professional help. Check out some magazines, especially teen magazines for some ideas or have your daughter brainstorm with her friends.

Along with sweet sixteen party decorations it’s a nice idea to place a number of photographs of the guest of honor as she has grown through the years. Remember, this is not the time for those embarrassing photos, choose wisely. You can place the photos around the room or even on the tables where your guests will be eating or where the presents will be placed.

Although not technically a decoration you can’t forget music, this can really help to set the tone for a party and keep it lively, especially if your daughter has some favorites. You definitely need to ask for her help on this, don’t assume you know what she likes.

By shopping online today the market is filled with novel and unique decoration ideas. By using some imagination and creativity, you are sure to create a strikingly stunning look for the room. After all, it is a very special day that comes just once in a young lady’s life.

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