How to save time and money on great new ideas for sweet sixteen parties 




Sweet Sixteen Party Games


Every parent wants everything for their children. That is why when their daughter's upcoming sweet sixteen birthday is fast approaching, they are thinking everything that will make their daughter to be the happiest lady when that time comes. If you are done thinking about the venue and the food, then you should think about the activities that your daughter and her friends can do during the party. When planning for sweet sixteen party ideas don't forget to include some fun sweet sixteen party games. teenage party games from  teenage pool party gamesto slumber party games

You should remember that you should choose birthday party games that will suit your daughter's party. You can have a casino game wherein their prices are stuff that everyone will surely love to have, and not money. Some of the popular casino games are the blackjack and the poker game. Prepare some table where they can play these activates. You can get some materials for these games to the local party supply store in your area, in a very affordable price. You can have either outdoor birthday party games or indoor birthday party games or a mixture, depending on your venue.  

You can also have a trivia game about the birthday celebrant. You can place each trivia questions on the table for each guest to read and answer. Just make sure that these trivia won't embarrass your daughter, to avoid ruining her important day. Carefully select the trivia questions yourself, to avoid having problem in the future.

What about putting together a selection of songs and music and have it played at your  your party. Get everyone to join in, and dance and to make it even more fun and exciting, throw a 'Dance Contest'. It can be any types of dance such as break dancing, hip hop, tango, rumba or even moonwalk (also known as backslide).

There are a lot of other teenage party games which you can choose from, for your daughter and her friends. You can also ask your daughter for some ideas on fun party games to include. When you select sweet sixteen party games to make sure that she will like it. But if you want it to be a surprise, asking some of her closest friends would do.