How to save time and money on great new ideas for sweet sixteen parties 




Sweet Sixteen Party Planning


Things can get pretty hectic when you’re trying to put together a sweet sixteen birthday party. One way you can make your life a little easier is to create a checklist early on so you don’t end up forgetting something along the way only to remember it at the last. Of course, your check list may be different depending on what type of party you are planning but you can use this list as a starting point to help you out. Sweet sixteen party planning is a lot simpler if you begin early.

(1) Decide on what the date is going to be. Sometimes it may not be possible to use the actual date but that would certainly be your first choice. If you are going to have friends and family who have busy schedules and have to plan ahead the sooner you set a date the better.

(2) Determine where you are going to have the party. If it is going to be at your home or a friend’s house then life becomes a bit easier. But if you are going to want to reserve a special location for the sweet sixteen birthday party you need to begin this process sooner rather than later.

(3) Decide on the number of guests you are going to invite. You might actually want to do this before you determine a location since it may have an impact on your decision. You and your daughter will have to sit down together and decide how many people you want to attend.

(4) If you are going to be using a DJ or a photographer you need to make contact and talk about arrangements for the birthday part in advance. It’s not a good idea to wait until the last minute on this either. Of course, you may have a friend or someone in the family who is a good photographer and would be glad to help out as well as someone who may want to volunteer to be a DJ if you are going to have one at the party. 

Of course, these four planning steps aren’t the only things on your checklist but they will get you started and are the first steps you should start with. Sweet sixteen party ideas can help with each stage of the plan.