How to save time and money on great new ideas for sweet sixteen parties 




Personalized Birthday Party Invitations


A personalized birthday invitation is the perfect way to begin celebrating your 16th birthday party. Online you will be able to find a variety of 16th birthday party invitations that you can easily customize to create more excitement for your birthday party.

With all of the available options online today it is very simple to create a unique birthday party invitation from starting with what color you want to birthday party invitations wording.

Personalized 16th birthday photo – how about a picture of the birthday girl or maybe a small collage of pictures from the 1st birthday party until today, and a few in between? Maybe the first day in school, the first time you lost a front tooth or the infamous ‘baby in the bathtub” pictures that all our parents have. You can either create your own or you can use many of the online options that you can provide a picture to and they will do the rest. Creating  sweet sixteen party invitations is a snap.

Match your sweet 16 birthday party theme – of course, you want your 16th custom birthday party invitations, decorations, everything you use to create a memorable experience to be unique and to match the theme you have chosen for your special day. Whether you want to send a personalized pool party invitation or you have a different birthday party theme in mind it’s pretty easy.

For example, if you are going with a “Hollywood” or “Movie Night” theme you can choose an invitation that creates the “Hollywood look” like this birthday party invitation. What do you think of when your see spotlights, palm trees along the boulevard and of course the “Hollywood” sign on the hill that everyone recognized. If you need some help with the wording don’t worry, you can easily find templates online base on themes to get you started and then let your creativity kick in.

 personalized birthday party invitations


Your Favorite Color – maybe everyone knows that pink has been your favorite color since you were two years old. You may want to follow through on that as part of your theme by choosing a 16th birthday invitation in pink. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of pink birthday invitations to choose from online.

If you want to combine a couple of ideas like using your favorite color and adding a personal picture you can create a very unique sweet sixteen birthday party invitation by customizing birthday invitation cards online with your photo and a personal message.


 personalized birthday part yinvitations

Its really easy to use one of the hundreds of online freee resources to create the perfect  personalized 16th birthdayparty invitation.