How to save time and money on great new ideas for sweet sixteen parties 




Email Party Invitations


You are turning 16 this year, your planning a big party with all of your friends, you have a sweet 16 birthday party theme picked out, all the sweet sixteen birthday party decorations are ready, but wait a minute – seeks like your forgetting something – SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS.  

Cant’ get that perfect 16th birthday party started without sending out invitations. You have hundreds of different options to choose for the perfect 16th birthday party invitation – but how about using email.  

Of course , if your Justin Bieber and throwing a huge 16th birthday party you may want to warn your friends that the 16th birthday party could cause death???? According to TMZ, super popstar, Justin Bieber sent out invites to his huge, 16th birthday party, but there’s a release form for parents that warns your child is risking death by going.

Hopefully that won’t be the case for your party and your friends and maybe you aren’t going to have a huge bash, just a couple of friends getting together to have fun. It really is very simple just to take a few minutes, do a little searing online, find the perfect online invitation, e-mail it out to your friends and your done. Most sites have the invitations set up so your guests can easily reply online as well.

Whether its a sweet sixteen party invitation or a 90th party invitation usually you provide the birthday girls name, or the host’s name, where the party is going to be held, along with contact information. You get to create a custom invitation that can say whatever you want it to say so it’s easy to match the invitation to your theme and one of the great things about online invitations is that it is so simple to provide directions at the same time, especially of the location is in an area that your friends may not be familiar with. Plus email invitations make it easy to keep track of who is coming just in case you are inviting hundreds of people ot your birthday bash.