How to save time and money on great new ideas for sweet sixteen parties 




Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas -Shannon in Wonderland Party


Your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday is fast approaching, and you are having a hard time deciding on how she can celebrate it. Have you thought of giving her a wonderland party? If not, then this idea is definitely one of the most classic birthday party ideas that everyone will surely enjoy. If you are now familiar with the settings of the party, you can watch Alice in Wonderland, for you to get some ideas on how to handle everything.

The first thing that you should think of is the invitations. You should remember to include there, that every guests are entitled to wear their favorite wonderland inspired dress to match the themed of the party. You can also have invitations that are Alice in Wonderland inspired for it to look very catchy and fun. Next would be the decorations. You can have every table be decorated by tea cups and lots of colorful stuff as this is the motif of your themed. Everyone should feel like they are in a different world, where everything is unique and colorful. Sweet sixteen party ideas like Wonderland are fun for everyone.

For the food, you can choose finger foods and as well as main meals for everyone to enjoy. Every food should be labelled uniquely to make it look exciting. You can also add a label that says "eat me", just like in the movie, where the drinks and foods have a label that says "eat me" You can do this yourself, by using your computer. Play with the colors and the fonts to make it look fun and exciting.