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Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas -Totally 80's Sweet 16 Party


Are you having a hard time thinking of a nice theme for your child's upcoming sweet sixteen birthday party? Having an 80's inspired theme for her sweet sixteen would definitely be great. All you have to do is look for a place where your child can celebrate her birthday and look for music and DJs that can play 80's music for the party.

One of the most important thing to do when doing an 80's inspired themed, is to let everyone know that they have to show up in the party with their 80's inspired outfit and look. You can also help them choose their outfit, by giving them some tips which is included in the invitation cards that you will send them. Once you decide on a sweet sixteen party idea, the rest of the planning gets easier.

Next would be renting a DJ and a sound system. Always make sure that the DJ has a playlist of 80's songs that everyone will surely love. Two of the most popular 80's songs are Thriller by Michael Jackson and Like a Virgin by Madonna. Everyone will surely love these music, when the DJ starts playing them on. You can also look for movies that are also from the 80's to complete the look. Your child and her guests can watch the movies after eating or before going to bed, for some bonding moment time.

This theme is one of the most unique theme when it comes to sweet sixteen birthday ideas. So having this kind of birthday party for your child, will truly be memorable for your child and her friends.