How to save time and money on great new ideas for sweet sixteen parties 




Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas -White Chic Party - White Rose Carnations


If you are thinking of what nice and unique sweet sixteen birthday idea to have for your daughter's upcoming birthday, then having a white chic party with white rose carnation motif would definitely ideal. As you all know these colors portray a more feminine look to every ladies who wear or use them. So having these colors as a motif would definitely ideal.

Of course, your daughter's dress or gown should be in white rose carnation color, while the rest wear something that has a touch of white. It doesn't necessarily mean that they all have to wear white; they can wear anything that they like, for as long as it has a touch of white color. Next would be the birthday invitations. You can look for white invitations or papers to every department stores today. Remember to send these invitations three to four weeks before the date of the party. This will give your guests some time to think of what nice dress to wear. Sweet sixteen party ideas like the White Chic Party can be inexpensive andd lots of fun.

Lastly, you should decorate the venue with white and white rose carnation colors. You can also add some other colors as long as they are light. Put some flowers in every table, to make it look nice and more feminine. There are a lot of nice flowers to choose from, such as roses, lilies, orchids and as well as carnations.

Everyone will surely love your daughter's sweet sixteen birthday motif, and your daughter will surely remember this birthday celebration for the rest of her life.