How to save time and money on great new ideas for sweet sixteen parties 






Finding ideas for unique sweet sixteen party favors can sometimes be challenging, and finding one that is generally appreciated is harder yet. Personalized party favors are available that can be customized with a name, age, or birth date - the possibilities for personalized party favors are endless and guests enjoy the memory and novelty.

Sweet sixteen party themes and help to make the party memorable for your daughter and you can use sweet sixteen party favors to make it memorable for all your daughter’s friends. A small keepsake that her friends can take home and save for life can really make a party memorable. Maybe her same friends will be at her 40th birthday party and be able to look back at being sweet sixteen.

You can plan with your daughter and decide whether you want to buy the same keepsake for everyone or try to personalize each one. Sometimes it’s easier to choose the same gift for all your daughter’s guests so no one has their feelings hurt because they felt slighted.

One option is to try and coordinate the favors with the overall party theme, Depending on the theme you choose – like a spa party for example – this can be pretty easy to do. Online you can find great ideas to help coordinate every aspect of your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party.

Personalized supply the unique something extra, that every party needs. For example, one favorite for sixteen year olds is a monogrammed cosmetics bag, a very versatile and personalized gift. This classy and thoughtful favor is perfect for a sweet sixteen birthday party. The inside of each bag is typically lined with water repelling fabric so it can be used as a toiletries bag as well. Online you can choose form a wide selection of beautiful silk colors and threads to create your own signature combination.

You can choose your own monogram and embroidered names individually for each of your daughter's best friends. Other favors include lip balm, mirrors, pens, even necklaces and other pieces of jewelry in gift bags. These favors are all unique and many of these items can be printed or engraved with the event's date or the birthday girl's name as well.

Whether you want a personalized birthday party favor or prefer to choose from an extensive selection of elegant or playful designs, you can find ideas for the perfect sweet sixteen party favors online.


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